Glen Ellyn Junior Woman's Club

Welcome to Glen Ellyn Junior Woman's Club!

A message from our President:

Glen Ellyn Junior Woman's Club has been providing support to Glen Ellyn and the surrounding communities through philanthropic endeavors for over 64 years. Our Club is committed to bettering our communities, enriching our families, and empowering our members. All of this is achieved through the myriad of volunteer opportunities we offer and the inviting, social atmosphere in which we function.

Several years ago, my desire to "give back" to the community led me to Glen Ellyn Junior Woman's Club. I knew a few women in the group, and they promised that my participation would give me a sense of fulfillment, would introduce me to other like-minded women in our community with whom I was sure to build lasting relationships with and would demand as little or as much time as I was able to give. Glen Ellyn Juniors has lived up to all of those expectations and more!

As a member of our Club you will have many opportunities to get involved in fundraising events and volunteer your time to our local partner organizations that need your support. I can personally guarantee that you will feel great about your contributions, build lasting relationships and have fun! An added benefit is that through your participation, your family will see the value of giving back to the community and see how rewarding it is to help others.

I invite you to attend one of our upcoming meetings to learn more about how you can get involved in our Club and start making a difference in the communities and individual lives around you. Member meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month (schedule changes as neededa). A schedule of meeting locations can be found on our Web site along with detailed information regarding Club events.

With so many reasons to join us, what are you waiting for?

Warm regards,

Beth Rosch
President, Glen Ellyn Juniors